Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good grief!

Please pardon the prolonged silence. Cable internet disastre struck casa Caffeinated Yarn last Friday, and it has not been resolved yet, despite three visits from the cable guy (including one marathon 5.5 hour session on Tuesday). Good grief, to quote Charlie Brown.

Knitting has occurred, some of which fascinated the cable guy as we watched the Cubs game while awaiting the arrival of yet another cable guy.

The Falling Water Lace Scarf is just waiting to have its ends woven in and a good blocking. I loved the pattern and the yarn. I'll post full details post-blocking.
A basic garter rib sock (from Sensational Knitted Socks) is on the needles. I'm using Cider Moon's Glacier yarn in the colorway June Carter. Very pink/yellow/green for Project Spectrum, no? Despite following the gauge chart, I found that casting on 56 stitches made for too loose a sock. I went down to 48 for my narrow feet and apparently quite slender ankles.

Here's my nervous internet conundrum knitting -- a modified version of Cider Moon's Carpathia scarf using GGH Soft Kid in a lovely sea foam green. I added an extra pattern repeat and a couple border stitches on each end. I asked Paul what he thought:
Paul: It looks very dainty.
Jodi: What do you mean by that?
Paul: It reminds me of tissue paper.
Whatever. In non-knitting news, look who I had a date with last night:

Colin Maloy and the rest of the Decemberists crew. Paul was there, too, along with a few thousand fans. The show was OK, but a bit of a disappointment in comparison with their stop in Chicago last fall. Methinks the band spent a bit too much time drinking at the Green Mill jazz club across the street before the concert. They played many songs from Castaways and Cutouts, but it was a fairly short show. One disappointment was a rather lackluster version of "O Valencia!"

They did play the much-requested Mariner's Revenge Song as an encore. That one doesn't do it for me, in part because they ask for audience participation. That always makes me squirm, and my inner Cure-T-shirt-wearing, silently-rebellious teenager rears her ugly/non-participatory head.


Chris said...

I'm thinking there's a joke in there somewhere - "How many cable guys does it take to..." :)

Bummer that the show wasn't the greatest. Love your scarves and those socks are pretty much perfectly PS!

Karin said...

Agreed on the non-participatory spirit!

Also, the tissue paper comment, WTF? That kind of thing cracks me up. Aaron makes lots of those kinds of comments too, that just make little sense. The best is when you ask him to demonstrate what it looks like when someone knits. He sticks his elbows out and rolls his wrists around. Close enough.

I am sorry you did not have fun at your concert. I was at the no-hitter last night. It is an experience I will never forget. I will have to post about it later today.

Micki said...

I just started some garter rib socks too! Clearly great minds think alike.

DAWN said...

I can't wait to see your "falling water" scarf blocked. I plan to make it as well, but in a larger size for a stole. I bought some lace weight blue from handpainted yarn for it. Yay!

Tannia said...

It really is a bummber when you pay good money to see a band and they make the audience sing entire songs...I mean if you wanted to hear the greater public sing you wouldn't bother with the band right? I saw Pearl Jam recently and they had the audience singing Better Man entirely on their own....I think it's just boosting their own egos because as a singer,I know it's awesome to hear someone else singing YOUR song, but 50,000 people singing your song must be incredible...oh I am rambling....great knitting!

bekka said...

look at all those yummy projects!

meg said...

Hi there. I found you through a random google search on my favorite needles (KA's). Lovely scarves in this post! Bummer about the Decemberists being a bit of a disappointment. I just saw them on Saturday for the last show of their tour and it was excellent!