Thursday, April 12, 2007

Alas, April Snowshowers

When I got home on Monday there was a surprise Easter package from my SP10. She sent me a cute fluffy little bunny, plus some beautiful spring photographs and a card. She's quite the photographer. I'm putting these up on my bulletin board to help me think of spring. Snowflakes have been swirling through the air for the past few days, so spring has seemed a bit far off. Thank you!I stitched borders on these guest towels. They're a gift; they're not exactly my style, but I think that the recipient will appreciate them.
Progress is being made on my sampler now that my embroidery floss order has arrived.
If all goes well I'll post my first FO for this round of Project Spectrum within the next couple days.


knitnzu said...

Are you in New England? Can you believe all this April snow, and it is in the air as I type! Cute snow cross stitch! (and the other too). Now I have to go get my aristochratic title!

Chris said...

Aw, that bunny is awesomely cute!

At least our snow melted today.