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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bunny beanie

* photo from the pattern website *

I finally rediscovered the free online pattern for the sweet little bunny beanie I made back in December. Here's the link. I have enough yarn leftover to knit another! The picot edge was a bit fiddly.


Chris said...

So cute I may just have popped an egg! ;)

Leah said...

HA! Chris is too funny!

Great pattern. I may need to knit one for some coming munchkins in my life!!

OH & I got that smashing pumpkins song too.

I did love some Doc Marten Mary Janes. Sigh.....

Sharon said...

The only problems in the real world is that it's hard to keep the hats on past the photo op. But they play really well at baby showers. As for the Doc Martens, I think they're what Danskos are today, very trendy shoes that never wear out and last way past cool.

bekka said...

oh how cute! how come you're always finding the most adorable patterns?