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Thursday, May 24, 2007

to the finish line

Unlike some cats, Kylie was not a very willing model for the One Skein baby bolero.
This is the best I could do. More details after it comes off the blocking board.
Knitted items are queuing up for blocking. Apparently I've been hoarding FOs for a major washing and blocking frenzy. There are a couple unbloggable items blocking now, then I'll get to these. More FO posts soon.
Donyale socks in progress
Posh Yarn's "Emily" - Bluebell Wood (lovely stuff)
pattern here at Black Dog Knits

Knitting Pure & Simple Easy Baby Cardigan
Jaeger Baby Merino DK 192 Marbles

We're getting the he*% out of Dodge this weekend and heading to Boulder, Colorado. I love visiting Boulder, and some college friends live there. We'll be attending this:


La Cabeza Grande said...

That's some good-looking knitting, all queued up and ready for blocking.

Have fun in Boulder!

sockPixie said...

That is a quite a show of FOs!

Caroline, the SockPixie

Micki said...

Oh no, the dreaded blocking queue! I've been clearing mine out.

I'm so jealous that you get to go to Boulder! My husband grew up there, but we only get to visit about once a year. Have a fantastic time!

DAWN said...

That cat picture is a hoot! In your to be blocked pile I noticed the "falling water" scarf. Very nice. Have a fun filled and relaxing weekend!!

Rebecca said...

happy blocking!

Chris said...

Now, Kylie, come on - you would look so cute in that bolero!!

Have fun in Boulder!

Deb said...

Well - Tigger has been a cross dresser from way back. He's quite used to being dressed in little girl clothes, so wearing the bolero came quite naturally to him. He's considering opening a modeling school for all the recalcitrant blog-kitties out there!

nana said...

Sounds like so much fun. Have a great weekend and your so lucky: travel time (usually)= knitting time.

Sharon said...

Knitting Pure and Simple - right on! I love her patterns and I have to tell you that she is awesome - you would love her. She is a member of our guild and we are proud, I must say.

Leah said...

Ohhhh so much stuff to show off next week! I can't wait!

I hope you guys have a great time at the festival! It looks awesome!

kitkatknit said...

I love Boulder. I lived there from '73-79 back when there were still burned out hippies living there.

Jana said...

I can't wait for the blocking, it looks like there's some pretty stuff in there! Aren't knitting pure & simple patterns the best! Almost no seaming, yay!

Christy said...

Kylie does look great in the bolero though.