Wednesday, May 30, 2007

orangey goodness

Despite my supposed dislike, the color orange's siren song is luring me in.

Exhibit A:
The Cable and Rib Sweater from the new Debbie Bliss book, Family Knits. Interesting neck and sleeve construction on this one. I really like this book. Check out a review here. The patterns are lovely, even though some are very similar to other Debbie Bliss patterns. The photography is gorgeous. The real upshot of this book is that DB has included schematics (yay!) and larger sizes (also yay!).

Exhibit B:
The Aran Bag from the same book. The pattern calls for DB alpaca silk aran. I've heard that this yarn pills a lot. Any yarn substitution suggestions?

Exhibit C:
A butterfly in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Not too many knitting developments, except for sock progress. I'm working on a 4-patch lap quilt. The colored 4-square blocks alternate with solid blue blocks.

Here's excellent news for those with small kitchens who like to find multiple uses for kitchen contraptions. A friend tipped me off to a fabulous use for the George Foreman Grill -- grilled sandwiches. Works like a charm.


DAWN said...

The butterfly reminds me of autumn leaves. I dislike orange very much but I find I can tolerate it if it is mixed in with other colors I do like. On it's own, No.

Jana said...

Yes, I use to have visions of buying a panini maker, and a friend pointed out the George Forman does the exact same thing! Now if I only had the counterspace...

I really, really like that aran bag btw...

Kaet said...

the quilt is so lovely! and think the orange projects in your queue are really great!
i have a cuisinart panini press/grill/griddle that i love for the same reason! one gadget- three uses!

Chris said...

Oh, I love patch quilts.

Christy said...

Oh, come on over to the orange side ;)
That is a beautiful bag. If you wanted a sturdy bag, I think it would look great in a tweed. Of course, that would give it a different look...crisper and less drapey/dressy.
For dressy/drapey, maybe a 50merino/50silk blend...Lorna's Lace's Lion & Lamb (my scarf from it hasn't had problems) or a similar yarn.

Knittymuggins said...

I know - I've never really liked orange either, but I recently bought a large lot of lovely pumpkin-y colored stuff that I'm actually looking forward to using! It's strange.... But maybe the particular shade you choose can make a difference :) Love the butterfly pic!

Rebecca said...

hmmmm, i hear hat siren song, also. orange. glorious orange! love the bag, but those bobbles? oh my.

great butterfly shot. they never stay still enough for me to shoot them.

your quilt looks lovely. its colors are dreamy.

DH told me that the foreman grill has a new feature: removable grilling surfaces for easier cleaning. i loathe cleaning ours.