Friday, May 11, 2007

things that make me smile

Kylie looked awfully indignant at having socks gently draped over her. Take a look at this cat. It's so worth the click of the mouse. :-) Now I want to cast on for a baby bolero.

Saturday we're packing a picnic and heading to a forest preserve to enjoy more of this glorious May weather. I'm making the Bake-Sale Brownies from the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook in preparation.

We'll see if they hold a candle to my tried-and true favs. The Land O Lakes website has reliably delicious baking recipes. Nothing I've tried has been anything less than yummy, and I swear I'm not just saying that b/c it's a Minnesota company and my auntie works in recipe and product development. :-)


Knitting Bandit said...

All your sweet talk made me decide that I'd rather be baking than knitting!

bekka said...

land o lakes is my favorite butter. it's all i use. no doubt recipes at the website are killer!

Dawn said...

What is wrong with you! I just made a double batch of brownies and now you give us a link to more. . . well, I suppose I will have to make them. Oh, and I have made that baby bolero and it is the cutiest thing.

Leah said...

YUM brownines!! I tried a brownie recipe from Cooks Illustrated recently & loved it! So good.

Hmmm maybe I need to bake some brownies too.

Have a great picnic!

Chris said...

I'm sad that Deb gave the bolero away to a baby, because I wanted to see her cat model it next time I'm over there!!

Dipsy said...

Thanks so much for sharing the link - that cat is hilarious! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!