Thursday, May 03, 2007

the good and the not-so-good

good things

1) getting out of the city for a day at Starved Rock State Park

2) spring is really here
3) discovering a bar with a very provocative title at Starved Rock Lodge

4) cruising along on my June Carter socks

5) enjoying a Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss, the true marker of spring for me. What can I say? I lived in Wisconsin for many years. This used to be a seasonal brew, and I would count down the days until its spring release. Blackberries, honey, and wheat , mmm...
6) having tickets to Ben Gibbard's solo show tomorrow night. :-)

7) discovering really cute free patterns at Susan B Anderson's blog (Ms. Itty Batty Hats herself), such as Elefante.

8) finding a lovely pattern for some darling cotton slippers over at the SockPixie blog.

9) planning for this:
10) the BBC miniseries version of Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters. Beautifully adapted, beautifully acted, right up there with the BBC Pride and Prejudice. Highly recommended.

not-so-good things

1) waking up to city workers trimming trees with chainsaws and running the chipper at 6 am; consequently developing a headache that lasts all day

2) spending too much time and energy on this fiddly little baby bootie that looks an awful lot like a moon boot

Pattern: Christine's Baby Booties
Needles: painful little size 1s

Do I even bother making a second one?

3) the movie version of Rebecca directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

4) The Owl and Moon Cafe, by Jo-Ann Mapson. The author (or implied author, what have you) adopts a condescending tone to her characters that just TURNS ME OFF. I have a feeling that she feels the same way about the reader. There's also a very strange attitude towards academia. Not recommended in any way.


La Cabeza Grande said...

In my estimation, the "good" outweighs the "not so good" by a considerable margin.

And no. Do not saddle that child with moon boots - even for the 5 minutes they'll be able to wear them.

Dawn said...

I love the colorway for the June Carter socks. Lovely. If you choose not to make the second "moon boot" you could always stick a cactus in that one and use it as a plant holder. Hmm.

Laura said...

Gah! You're seeing Ben Gibbard?! So envious.

Your June Carter socks look awesome.

Mia said...

The beer looks good. And I like the name of the park. Who has ever heard of a starving rock? I wonder what the history behind the name is. It should be interesting.

And we will get you knitting socks using sock yarn yet. And call and com;lain about the noise. Most places have noise ordinances. Tea helps with headaches too.

Rebecca said...

your sock is lovely. i think i've missed Jo-Ann Mapson's books, so i can't commiserate with you.

Knitting Bandit said...

Thanks for the link to the baby elephant. It's just so cute, it makes me smile!

peaknits said...

You're right - the Campfire socks look awesome in June Carter - it's on my list! Thank you!

Diane said...

the june carter socks look fabulous...i like the colourway

Chris said...

I hope your headache's gone! Maybe the 2nd baby bootie will go faster?!!