Saturday, May 19, 2007

Summer Knitting Ideas

I'm not usually too big on setting crafting goals for myself since there are so many other to-do lists in my life, but I'm giving it a try. Ali is having a contest asking people to post their summer knitting goals. Head on over and leave a comment saying that I referred you if you're interested in winning a copy of Ali's super cute Fitted Tank pattern and some Blue Sky Alpacas cotton!

1. Knitting socks with fingering weight yarn on small needles. My first attempt at this failed miserably and resulted in me throwing my knitting across the room.

2. A stranded colorwork project, probably the Endpaper Mitts in pink and camel Baby Cashmere yarn.

3. Designing and knitting an original hat pattern. I already have some notes and ideas for this one.

4. Finishing my Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl

5. Knitting a more complicated lace pattern


DAWN said...

Sounds like lofty goals, indeed. Good luck with them all. Those endpaper mitts are just beautiful. I don't have the patience for them at the moment.

Sharon said...

I hadn't even thought about summer knitting goals. I try to keep something in the car to knit on when I am stopped in construction zones. I do have a weaving goal though.

Chris said...

I think those sound very do able! The first few times I tried knitting socks on tiny needles, it got ugly fast. Eventually I persevered and now I love knitting with small needles.

Leah said...

Good goals! I know you can do it! :)

Jill said...

I'd set goals but the summer is going to be absolutely crazy with starting the new job and moving. Please share pics as you go along though! :-) And I enjoyed the socks over the kitty. And the sweater. I've got to get some pictures up of my recent knitting. You've inspired me to do at least that much.

Ranee said...

Hello Jodi,

I saw your comment on my blog. I modified the swap post so you can see my email address. Here it is for you, though: arabianknits at gmail dot com. I don't know why the link wasn't working. Please do sign up for June. :)

SockPixie said...

These are great goals.
For the socks on tiny needles, maybe you could try Magic Loop, or 2 circulars.
Can't wait to read about and see pictures of the projects.

Caroline, the SockPixie