Friday, May 11, 2007

socks on shrubs

I've been knitting like a fiend lately, but I don't have too many FOs to show for it. I need to block a few things, which is always complicated by my dear felines. I'm also chugging away at a baby blanket. I do have one FO, though.
Pattern: Garter Rib Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks, by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Cider Moon Glacier, "June Carter" colorway
Needles: US 3 KA bamboo DPNs

Notes: I cast on 48 stitches for these, which is perfect, as they are quite stretchy. I love the colors, which are just the thing for this round of Project Spectrum. I must admit that there were a few knots, splitty areas, and weak spots in the yarn, which was disappointing. Sigh... I used the same yarn in the "Winter Twilight" colorway for a previous pair of socks, and I had no problems then.

Kylie looking a bit suspicious:

Kylie looking downright startled at being an impromptu sock model:
Guess who else was at the Ben Gibbard show last week? None other than the sock goddess herself, Cookie A. Ben did two acoustic shows back-to-back that night, and Cookie and I were both at the late show. I didn't see her, though.

Ben was great, esp. on songs where he played the guitar. There was a good mix of Death Cab and Postal Service songs. The piano he played looked and sounded like a relic from a high school group practice room, and the tempo was awfully slow on all the piano songs. Surprisingly he played a cover of Nirvana's "All Apologies." The crowd was a very odd mix. People did a lot of talking during the show, and the octopus man standing next to us spent most of the evening groping his date. The highlight of the show was a version of "Such Great Heights" played a la Iron & Wine.


melissa said...

your socks turned out so pretty - that's gorgeous yarn, and i like the color name too. :) i'm sure your cat loved being a model.

Micki said...

How lucky are you? You've got a new pair of beautiful socks and a tolerant kitty.

Dawn said...

Gorgeous socks and nice kitty. I love knitting socks on size 3 needles. They are still delicate but don't take as long.

Jana said...

I made the garter rib socks for my dad for Christmas with Louet Gems. They were easy and fast. Love that book!

Sharon said...

Your socks so look like my socks! I ordered the yarn from KnitPicks. I'm putting them in the mail to my SD - that would be my awesome stepdaughter, so is that ASD?

Chris said...

I love the before and after pictures of Kylie! You can totally see the "what the..." thoughts going through his head! Great socks.

Pennie said...

pretty socks . . . lovely details

enjoyed reading your blog

maleahmcp said...

Your socks look great! It's such a beautiful colorway.

Dipsy said...

LOL ;) I so love Kylie's look on that second pic - pretty startled, isn't she? But such a very beautiful sock model - and such yummy socks! I totally love the colorway - great job indeed!