Friday, October 20, 2006

sweaters + 50 nifty united states

The Sienna Cardigan from the fall 2006 issue of Interweave Knits has also piqued my interest. Not in orange, but maybe in a lovely shade of blue Malabrigo. Heather (at All Things Heather, 10/1/06 post -- I can't get the link to work) knit a beautiful Sienna in Jaeger Shetland Aran. I just happen to have an abundance of navy Jaeger Shetland Aran, and this might be a great opportunity to use it.

Karin has reassured me that tackling a sweater for the first time isn't that intimidating. I may go with the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, despite the abundance of mindless stockinette. I love the finished products that I have seen, and it would be great to learn about waist shaping, sleeves, etc. without having to worry about the stitch pattern. I have only knit baby sweaters, and you don't need to worry about waist shaping there! Babies look darn cute in just about anything. :-)

In other knitting news, frogging Andean Silk isn't all that fun. It gets a little fuzzy and icky. Not my favorite yarn, but I like it better than most acrylic blends.

Inspired by the other night's successful Rachael Ray meal, I chose the very next recipe on the page: Seaman's Potpie. Awful name, awful recipe. Gluey consistency due to excessive cornstarch, very little flavor, terrible aroma, and very expensive to make. The name alone should have warned me away!

Which of the 50 United States have I visited? This may help with trip planning! Apparently I have neglected the Pacific Northwest and New England. Sorry, the southwest and the south are both just too darn hot for a winter-loving Minnesota native like me.

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Karin said...

The hourglass sweater is so pretty. It may be simple but it has a nice shape. Remember to swatch first and wash it!!

Also good to know that seaman's potpie wasn't very good. I remember seeing that recipe in the magazine and thinking it looked interesting. 1/4 C cornstarch...that is a LOT.

Leah said...

I'm working on the hourglass sweater in malabrigo right now. It is a lot of stst but it's sort of zen knitting and it's such a classic shape & fit!

Jana said...

You can knit a sweater! Go for it! Just be nice to yourself and remember it's your first sweater and even if it just turns out to be the sweater you wear around the house on days you don't really go out, trust me you will still love it because it will always be your first sweater!

Angela said...

Come on up to the PNW! I'd love to meet up in person.

An adult sweater is just like a kid's sweater, but bigger! Big Girl Knits actually has really good shaping and fitting advice for all kinds of girls, the same principles apply to all of us.

Go for it!

Angela Marie said...

Come on over to Oregon!!! We can go driving around Portland.