Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rainy Thursday in the Windy City

This sign greeted me at the baggage claim at O'Hare when I arrived back in Chicago:

Very, very odd. This is the type of sign that doesn't get posted unless there's a history of such activities taking place. Who the h*#@ sleeps on the baggage carousel? How restful could that possibly be? I can see the appeal of sitting or standing if you're 5, but that's about it.

My friend gave me these darling almond bark/pretzel ghosts. So cute and clever!
I finally learned how to use DPNs properly at knitting group last night. Mittens, hats, SOCKS, here I come.

My brother's fabulous new (used) SUV! I absolutelly love it, despite its gas-hog tendencies. 4 wheel drive is a beautiful thing in the winter here in the Upper Midwest. Plus it's a gorgeous shade of blue! **car envy rears its ugly head**

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Joni said...

Congratulations on the knitting with double point needles, in the round! That's awesome. Let me know if you ever need sock pointers. ;)

I just got my scarf exchange package, and omg. Thank You!!! I swear I nearly swooned when I pulled the scarf out. I have no idea how you gave it up, but I love it. Beyond words really. And the gifties you sent with the scarf were so perfect for me too. I don't think I've even mentioned how desperately I needed a calender/planner but I was fixing to make sure I bought one for next year (I actually have no calender this year. Weird huh.). I don't think I would have gotten myself such a great one. I love everything! Thanks again! I'll post to my blog and the scarf exchange blog tomorrow, and I'm off right now to add you to my bloglines. :)