Tuesday, October 31, 2006

international scarf exchange

(photo credit: Joni)

Joni received the scarf that I made for her, so now I can post a picture of the finished product! This was a great project for me. I learned two new techniques in the process: (1) short rows, and (2) fringe (OK, not hard, but it was a first for me). I love the Silk Garden yarn. I did mess up a bit while binding off, so I hope the fringe camouflages that.


Shelby said...

Ooh, pretty! I just made one out of Silk Garden in greens and purples, I can't wait for it to get cool here!

Joni said...

Actually, I was thinking how perfect the fringe was. :)

I love this scarf so much, I feel the need for no other. Thanks again! Now I am completely certain that a sweater made with Silk Garden is in my future.

Anonymous said...

That is just gorgeous! I'm going to have to knit a scarf with Silk Garden now. It's sometimes cool where I work, so that would be perfect to keep my neck warm and look fabulous as well. You're an inspiration!


Jodi said...

Hi SP,

Thanks! It was a really fun knit, and once I figured out how short rows work, I could work on it while watching DVDs. There are some great scarf patterns out there that look fabulous in Silk Garden. I've been eyeing the Grape Hyacinth scarf over at Pie Knits for a while:


That might be a good one for wearing indoors at your chilly office!

Christy said...

About the comment you made on my ISE3 scarf...I used Jo Sharp Silkroad (wool, cashmere, silk blend) and the pattern came from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury. I don't have the book anymore (library) but it's called either a drop stitch rib or drop stitch herringbone. I loved the stitch pattern because it is reversible!

The scarf you made is beautiful! It's the same pattern of the one I received from my pal.

Leah said...

Really pretty!! I love the colors with the short rows! Well done!

Nery said...

I love the scarf you made, what is the pattern?

Jodi said...

The free pattern is located here:


CraftyHobbit said...

Wow that's a gorgeous colorway! What number was it, do you remember?