Thursday, October 05, 2006

not too much news on the crafting front

I have been busy organizing, though! My parents are coming to town for the weekend, and it has spurred a cleaning and organizing frenzy. I reorganized my WIP basket. I feel a bit like I'm keeping the Ziplock folks in business! I want to make a whole bunch of simple drawstring project bags for the basket in coordinating floral prints. I found this basket at Ye Olde Target a month ago, and they just added bed linens in the same floral pattern.

My father built this shelf for me. I keep part of my mini-collection of Great Britain-themed mugs and tins on it (only half the shelf is in this picture). I'm "flashing" my favorite teapot.


Karin said...

1. My parents are also coming into town this weekend, causing a major freak-out on my end.

2. I too help keep Mr. Ziploc's wallet heavy

3. And I also store my WIP's in a similar basket, alongside my sofa.

Alas, my father isn't into woodwork and has never built me a shelf, nor do I have a mug collection.

Karin said...

Hee--We also have Bears tickets this weekend! My friend and I try and grab sets of 4 the day single tickets go on sale. So myself, my friend, Aaron, and my dad are going to the game while my mom, aunt, and uncle are going to see king Tut.

The recipes--I found them online by searching for "dump chicken" recipes. Here's the list I keep handy: (scroll down a bit before the recipes actually start).

Most of them use regular ingredients rather than canned soup or seasoning packets, and so far the two I have tried have been awesome--the herb wine and honey sesame. I guess the key is to use fresh, never frozen chicken, and don't add anything else to the freezer bagbut the chicken and sauce. You should use the low setting when doing these recipes too.

I like to just make some rice when I get home to go with the stuff in the crockpot, potatoes would be great too, and if you're really pressed for time that night you could grab a loaf of fresh bread for dipping. Also I recommend using chicken on the bone, as leaving it in the crockpot for so long really sucks all the goodness out just like making stock would, so it's really super flavorful. White meat dries out faster, so I wouldn't go over say 6-8 hrs with white but dark meat you can let hang out indefinetly for the most part!! Hope you like it!

Leah said...

I love some ziplocks too! They just keep everything in it's place (my husband thinks it's a bit nutso).

Have fun with your folks!