Thursday, October 12, 2006

another scarf on the needles

This time it's a lattice scarf. I was inspired by this one over at Tea and Cakes.

Yarn: Knitpicks Andean Silk (alpaca/silk/merino), Hollyberry
Needles: Brittany birch US 7 single points

I have 3 skeins of yarn, so we'll see how long it gets. It's a pretty skinny scarf, so it might be very long. I think it will look great up against my charcoal wool coat.

At first I didn't like the feel of the Andean Silk. It seemed pretty solid, and it doesn't have much give or spring. I'm growing to like it over time, though. Too squishy a yarn would just stretch out with wear.

This would definitely look more lattice-like if I had used larger needles, but I'm fine with it. There's always next time...


Karin said...

I really love that color--I have to fight the urge to buy yarn in that color all the time.

Good snow pics too. I was hoping to get some myself but by the time I got home this evening it was done. Ah well.

Jana said...

That color is so vibrant, it's wonderful. I used Andean Silk for a sweater last year. Sometimes it's a little fuzzy and has little silk hairs that come off of it but I don't think it's a big deal. I like the stitch definition you get out of it and I think it will look great with that lattice stitch, and it does soften up, it will make a great scarf.