Thursday, October 12, 2006

Knitters Tea Swap bounty

Susah H. sent me two wonderful packages for the Knitters Tea Swap. They both arrived on my doorstep on Tuesday. What a lovely surprise after a long day on campus! All I can say is that Susan has exquisite taste.

A sampler of 6 flavored black teas from Adagio, Susan's favorite tea source. I'm drinking the cinnamon tea as I type, and it's delicious! The beautiful handpainted yarn is "Rhumba" from Dancing Leaf Farm. Not only are the colors wonderful, the yarn itself has a great hand and there's a ton of yardage (300+). And it's organic merino wool! I think it's the perfect yarn. Maybe mittens and a hat?

Also from Adagio is this clever infuser mug. Not only is it cool and mod looking, it has a lid to keep tea hot while it steeps. The mesh infuser doesn't leak tea leaves like my old mesh infuser spoons do. Plus the whole thing is dishwasher-safe! What could be better? Susan has also simplified my birthday and Christmas shopping this year. I'm going to buy a bunch of these great infuser mugs as presents for all the tea-drinkers I know.

This morning was perfect for drinking tea. There were a few snow flurries in the air here in Chi-town. Here's some evidence:

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Karin said...

RYN: My family seemed to like the Tut exhibit. However they seemed even more enthralled by the aquarium. I guess they were hoping to actually see King Tut there (what that means, I dont know. A corpse? His sarcophagus?) and were disappointed that they didn't. They were impressed by the many items that looked like they could have been made today but were thousands of years old and made w/o modern machinery.

And I love the snow too!! I know most people are cringing today but IMO nothing beats a cloudy, chilly fall day.