Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy September!

I know this isn't a popular view, but I'm absolutely thrilled that September is here. I love fall almost as much as I love winter. Apples, soup, pumpkins, crisp air, cool temperatures, wool sweaters, clogs... simply marvelous.

Crafty Goals for September

- make 2nd green baby mitten
- seam and block green and blue baby sweater
- finish baby quilt (I’m halfway done with the hand quilting, then I need to add the binding)
- make 2 log cabin pillows
- make quilted bag
- felt 2 booga bags
- put together fabulous knitflix swap package for my swap buddy
- quilting class: Amy Butler’s Charm quilt. It’s going to be BEAUTIFUL, baby. I love Amy Butler’s fabrics, and I can’t wait to make some things from her new book.
- remember to go to Quiltology to meet Amy Butler when she's in town
- get my hands on some of that darling Heather Ross gnome fabric. Most of my online sources are out of the blue version.
- learn to knit socks!

For me these are fairly lofty goals. I’m spending a week in Italy in the middle of the month, so that will make them even more of a challenge!


Karin said...

You have a busy month ahead of you!

I agree--I love fall and winter. Summer...only thing I like about summer is the baseball.

Rebecca McKinley said...

I love fall, too! The colors are incredible, and there is something so comforting about the idea of harvest. I love all seasons - especially winter, though! Where I live, fall is almost over. It lasts about a day. And as I am in Utah right now, I am still seeing summer - not much of those golds and reds and browns will be left when I get back. I guess I will have to find it in my yarn! :)