Sunday, September 10, 2006

seaming away

I finished seaming the shoulders; now it's time for the sleeves. Capricha looks very uninterested in the yarn in this photo, but the instant I sat down at the computer she began viciously kneading the sweater. I don't think there's any permanent damage!

I knit this sweater using Schaefer Yarns Elaine, a beautiful yarn. It's a very thick merino -- I keep thinking that this will make for one very (possibly excessively) warm baby!

I have been hesitating and vascillating over my ISE contribution. I'm not going to frog the multi-directional scarf in the navy/blue Nadia after all -- I'm going to keep it for myself. I'm going to knit ANOTHER multidirectional scarf for my knittee, probably using the same pattern. If I'm feeling bold, I'll do the ribbed short-row scarf from Magknits instead. I'm probably going with Silk Garden, but I may use a variegated Lorna's Laces shepherd worsted (in argyle).

I'm also just dying to cast on for an Irish hiking scarf, but that can wait until ISE is over and it's closer to winter!

Behind the Scenes at the Museum, Kate Atkinson
This book won the Whitbread, and I've heard many positive reviews. It's not quite what I expected. The style is breezy, with a bit of stream-of-consciousness, and full of digressions. The content is at times disturbing, and the contrast with the style is interesting, but also a bit distressing. I'm at about the half-way point.

Listening to:
Solace, Sarah McLachlan

Capricha is such a beautiful girl! She's "my" cat, whereas Kylie is most definitely my husband's cat. They're both about 10 or 11, and we're their third (and final!) set of owners.


Karin said...

I am looking forward to starting an IHS soon myself. What sweet pictures of your cat!

Jana said...

What a great color of Elaine. My cat likes to knead on everything too. Well, he used to be my cat but he's pretty much gone over to being my husband's cat now too.

Suse said...

I too am dying to make an Irish Hiking Scarf - I was asking my husband (the recipient) to choose a colour just last night.
I've just made myself two pairs of the Irish Hiking wrist warmers - one pink pair, one red pair.

I see you are a PhD in classics! I'm a classics student too - undergraduate though. What is your area of research?

PS. Did you know Kylie is an Australian aboriginal word for boomerang?