Tuesday, September 26, 2006

amy butler

Amazon finally delivered Amy Butler's new book to my doorstep yesterday. There are some great-looking projects in there. I think most of the appeal lies in the beautiful fabric and excellent photography. It's like fabric porn! Or perhaps lifestyle porn...

Some projects are kind of lame, like sleeping masks, "document duvets," and potholders. But others are calling out to me with a sweet siren song:

- decorative patchwork throw
- kitty tunnel (wouldn't the ladies love that!)
- big dot pillow
- short pleated apron
- kimono-style bathrobe
- hanging toiletry basket
- patchwork handbag

The hanging toiletry basket is super cute and it would be very useful, but I'm a little scared by the sheer number of pages the directions cover. I would also need to get to know a product called Timtex. Sounds like a challenge...

Heather Bailey has revealed a sneak peek of her new fabric line, Freshcut, by Free Spirit. I like the fabrics, but I suspect that Freespirit signed her on to replace Amy Butler since she has gone over to Westminster, I believe. This line seems like a more buttoned-up, less bold version of Butler's Charm, but pleasant nonetheless. The colors are great, perhaps less vibrant, but more likely to work with my decor schemes in the bedrooms.

I'm flashing my favorite fall mug for the Knitters' Tea Swap


Rebekka said...

I love the wide leg pants in the book....I can't wait to make those! They look ridiculously comfy.

Jodi said...

I agree! I have questions about the sizing on those, though.

Karin said...

Wow I need to get my hands on that book sometime! It looks really cool.

Yeah at the Renegade fair we discussed a weekend perhaps in February to rent a place and have any willing KGs come spend a few nights knitting and cooking and the like. I hope it's a go--I think it sounds like a lot of fun.

Amy said...

I absolutely love that book! And thanks for pointing out the Heather Bailey fabric :-) Just what I need... another fabric to fall in love with.

P.S. I found your blog through the knitter's tea swap.