Thursday, September 14, 2006

surprise package

A while back Louise asked the question, "What do you get a knitter that has everything? " I left her a comment, and she sent me this great surprise package.

All sorts of goodies waited for me inside! Pearson's Candy (from St. Paul, MN, just like Louise!), a cute floral post-it pad, fancy pens, a little tin, knitting girl mints (these are fabulous! the flavor is green apple, and they're sugar-free), traveling mini-emery boards for when you snag a nail while knitting. All of this was fabulous, but here are the best parts:

Fancy stitch markers
These are so cute; I especially love the cat's face. I always use plain ol' Clover stitch markers, so this will be a big step up.

My very first sock yarn
Froelich Wolle -- some fancy Swiss superwash. The colors are beautiful -- very autumnal and earthy. Now I need to pick up some little tiny DPNs and learn to knit socks!

Thank you very much, Louise.

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Karin said...

What a nice package! That yarn looks like it can knit a lot of socks!