Thursday, September 14, 2006

Flashing my tea stash

I'm flashing my tea stash for the Knitters Tea Swap. I love warm beverages -- coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider. Some tea drinkers are purists, but not me.

What's in my stash?
- Summer Dreams (green tea blend from My Place for Tea, a nearby tea shop)
- Rooibos Vanilla (My Place for Tea)
- Black Pina Colada (My Place for Tea)

- Republic of Tea Alpine Flowers (herbal)
- Republic of Tea blueberry (black)
- Republic of Tea pomegranate green
- Republic of Tea pineapple green
- St. Dalfour organic black cherry (yuck! don't buy it)
- Celestial Seasonings Candycane Lane (herbal) (delicious! I stock up on this at Christmastime)
- Twinings peach (black) (not that good)
- a variety of Bigelow herb teas

In the little bags on the top right (all from Tea Tyme and Whatnots in Fredericksburg, VA):
- MESNA blueberry (black)
- MESNA Indian spice chai (black)
- Darjeeling

That was probably too much detail. I love fruit-flavored black teas, black teas with cinnamon-type flavors, fruity green teas, and red tea. I would love to try Honeybush tea.


Jana said...

That's a great stash. I keep seeing Rooibos tea and Mesna, I've never tried either but will have to keep an eye out. I think this is going to be a really fun swap!

Laurie (Moo!) said...

I like different drinks, too. Dark Hot Chocolate, Latte, Tea. I mix 'em up!

You should try the Panda Berry. A nice fruit tea.