Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Rainy Thursday

Today was a good day to bust out the pink striped Wellies. The campus walkways were alternately dotted with puddles and completely deluged. Winter quarter is drawing to a close, and I feel like everywhere I go, my students keep popping up with questions about the exam, the text, sight reading practice, office hours, and Latin grammar. It's a little disconcerting, but I'm glad they're taking it seriously.

My teaching observation/evaluation yesterday went VERY well (sigh of relief), so I'm taking an afternoon off at home to celebrate by baking cookies, knitting, listening to music, reading, and blogging. If I could just convince myself that now's the time to find out just how rusty my guitar playing skills are...

Cider Moon "Winter Twilight" sock in progress

Cherry Pecan Cookies
Sheri posted this recipe from her friend Dynna. It's easy, yummy, and actually has some elements of health in it (dried cherries, pecans, oats). Just so that we wouldn't be overwhelmed by all that "healthiness" I threw in some chocolate chips, too.

Five things that are tickling my fancy today, in no particular order

1. Beautiful sportweight merino yarn handspun by Kristin I have 432 yds. Any ideas what I should do with it?
Mmmm... fiber goodness

2. Alicia's fabulous crochet projects. And Jane's. And Posy's. And Brainylady's. I need to learn to crochet. I taught myself to do a foundation chain yesterday, but that's it so far.

3. My home state ROCKS.

4. Mia sent me a lovely and thoughtful package of goodies. She's trying to convert me from Aida to linen and evenweave for needlework. I have a feeling that this is a little like trying to get a newbie knitter to buy real wool rather than Red Heart acrylic. I'm not a newbie needleworker, though, just one who fears change. Pics tomorrow, provided that the sun comes out.

5. Wayne Coyne and the Flaming Lips. Have you heard/read Wayne's essay on NPR's "This I believe" yet? Here's a link. Also check out what Leah has to say about it. The Flaming Lips were awesome at Lollapalooza last summer, by the way. Those guys put on a great, high-energy show with plenty of enthusiasm and rocking out. Here's a funny thing. As I was sitting in my dining room while working on this post, I heard someone outside walking by outside while singing, quite loudly, "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power)." He had his headphones, and he looked to be having quite a fine time out walking about in the rain.


Karin said...

What cute boots!

I envy your day at home, although tomorrow for me is going to be quite similar to your day today, but substitute "cookies" with "cornish hens for dinner".

Cheers to a good week-end!

Micki said...

If you'd like to learn to crochet, I suggest the book Crochet Your Way by Gloria Tracy and Susan Levin. It has a great "learn to crochet" sampler afghan. Plus, it also teaches how to read crochet symbol patterns. Also good is Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet.

Have a sunny weekend!

Jana said...

Cherry and pecan cookies with chocolate? Yum! And the sock looks so pretty...

Pat said...

I'm in love with your new handspun....I have no idea what you should do with it....maybe just leave it in that bowl for decoration!

Jill said...

I really like the boots! I've always wanted a pair of the ones that look like ladybugs. Oh, my email addy is jsodt at ksu dot edu. And I love my new books. I'm planning my next charity knitting project and think it's going to have to be a few bears.

carrie said...

LOVE the boots. and i think the happy hooker book is probably good for a first-time crocheter.

Leah said...

Cute wellies!!

Those cookies look delish! I may give them a go this wekk.

I honestly think that listening to that Wayne Coyne piece on NPR can change your life. Honestly.

We saw them last year at the SOCO music fest. We stood in the same spot front row for 4 hours without moving just to be in the front row for them (granted we also got to be front row for de la soul & big star). It was an amazing experience. I swear I am STILL finiding confetti from it around our house.

Oh & the beginning of the Yeah Yeah Yeah song, that's my ringtone! ;)

sunneshine said...

I really love those pink wellies! And am coveting the purple umbrella, too!

Lolly said...

CUTE wellies!!