Monday, March 05, 2007

still life with yarn

On Saturday I introduced a dear friend (and newbie knitter) to the joy of the LYS. The fruits of my labor include:

- Lana Borgosesia Merino Otto, in the smurfiest shade of blue (4 balls).
- Pear Tree 8-ply merino, in moss (4 skeins). So soft and lovely, with little white slubs interspersed among the green. Destined to become a scarf and hat for a friend's birthday.

The Lana Borgosesia Otto is an unusual yarn for me. It's very rope-y and springy, and it almost doesn't feel like wool as I'm knitting with it. Smurf blue is not my color of choice, but I'm knitting a scarf for my brother who has specifically requested a bright med/dark blue. It seems that, despite being a native Minnesotan, he does not own a scarf and has stooped to borrowing my dad's. He has had a rough winter, so I'm going to send it to him with a couple sci-fi DVDs.

I started the "Cashmere Scarf" pattern from LMKG, but it has an awful tendency to curl, at least at this gauge. I'm thinking about starting over with the Yarn Harlot's easy peasy one-row wonder, a tried and true scarf pattern. If anyone has any quick, masculine scarf suggestions, please speak up!

Mia knit me a lovely red scarf that I'm looking forward to wearing jauntily with a black sweater. Please excuse the bad photography.

She also sent me some linen and evenweave, along with patterns, thread, and frame, in her forementioned attempt to lure me away from the dime store Aida I usually use for my needlework projects.
Thanks, Mia!


sunneshine said...

I have made the LMKG scarf a couple times and it does curl terribly. I end up washing and blocking my DH's about once a month. The mistake rib is the next scarf that he is getting - it does not curl, it will be made out of brown and tan alpaca, as thinking of him wearing one made of noro makes me laugh!

Laura said...

Sunneshine is onto something there. Mistake rib is fantastic for scarves.

That's a beautiful photo of the yarn!

Leah said...

I love pear tree. I used it for the ganomy hats I knit last year & I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a sweater project for it. It's scrumptious stuff!

Good luck with the scarf patterns!