Monday, February 28, 2011

February Finishing Frenzy

Episode III: Attack of the Feline

Capricha downright insisted on taking part in the photos for my latest project. What a beautiful grand dame!

I started this blanket way back in May in the midst of preparations for our big move. Crochet is downright soothing to my senses, so it was just the ticket. The crochet part didn't take too long -- that was done in July.  Weaving in the ends, however... Let's just say this blanket hibernated in a cozy corner of the rec room, waiting for hints of spring.

pattern: stripy dog blanket, by Nikki Trench
source: The Cool Girl's Guide to Crochet (terrible title, but some really cute patterns)
dusty sage, dusty blue, strawberry, blueberry, almond, walnut, & pistachio
hook: Clover Soft Touch ~ "J"

Clearly this is no dog blanket! The foundation chain had 166 sts, and I should have used a larger hook for this, as it's a little tight. The pattern's essentially just half double crochet, changing colors every row. It’s super soft and cozy. The yarn is so fluffy that it’s almost like working with cotton balls, and curling up with the blanket is like snuggling with a cloud.

I kept running out of yarn and buying more. In the end it took something like 42 skeins (or maybe 49, but let's not go there). Just thinking about the quantity of yarn makes me shudder. It does, however, fit our queen-size bed. And I love it.

Capricha clearly loves it, too. 

P.S. Think Charlie Sheen seems nuts lately?  Me too! See cats quote Charlie Sheen.


Rue said...

Fabulous (both the blanket and the model)! I shudder to think of buying that many skeins for a single project but I'm sure it's easier if you're buying the last bits piecemeal rather than all at once. Does this mean you get to start some new projects soon?

Chris said...

I love it (although OBVIOUSLY not as much as Capricha)! For a blanket, I'd definitely want to have it a little on the tight side rather than loose.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Great blanket. I really wish someone would invent a way to avoid all those dreaded ends with knitting/crocheting :)

Samantha said...

That last photo is adorable--the eager look on her face! And the blanket is great. It must feel good to complete such a large project.

Jennifer said...

Great FO and photo shoot. Love Capricha. I think she's aptly named. I wonder if she likes the song Papparazzi? She sure seems to love the camera.

Knitter Mama said...

Love the blanket...I have one of those granny square ones hibernating for about 8 years...maybe its time to pull it out and finish it.

nicole said...

Ok, another crazy-beautiful crochet FO. This one is so perfect with your quilt.

And those cat/charlie quotes? Pure gold.

Shan said...

I love that! I made a huge blanket once and it's one of my favourite things I've EVER knit...totally worth it!

Katie M. said...

Beautiful! Both the blanket and the kitty, of course. (She's a very handsome lady.) Congrats on finishing such a mammoth project! Also, thanks for passing along the Charlie Sheen ... I'm saving that for this afternoon's entertainment.

knitseashore said...

Congratulations on finishing up so many UFOs! The blanket looks perfect with your quilt, and of course, sets off Capricha's coloring quite nicely too! Please give her a hug for me. :)

marycatharine said...

It's beautiful! That's a crazy number of skeins, no wonder it took a while to weave in the ends.