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Thursday, February 03, 2011

snow day

My wish for a snow day was most certainly granted! We saw about 20" of fluffy white stuff overnight on Tuesday, plus gale-force winds. 
Home was delightfully warm and cozy. Paul and I braved the snow yesterday to dig out our Jeeps and go for a walk.  I even made a snow angel! We also managed to find a pizzeria that was open (Frasca) and met up with a friend for a yummy dinner.
Being snowed in has made for plenty of knitting time. On the February Finishing Frenzy front, here's a little Tomten jacket that I started back in May 2010. I had run out of yarn (par for the course chez Caffeinated Yarn) and hadn't bothered to pick it back up after more Knit Picks Swish DK arrived.  One sleeve to go!
In addition to my virtuous work on the Tomten jacket, I also knit a wee little baby cap:

pattern: Baby Sheep Hat, by Melissa Burt of Indigo Mouse
yarn: Elann Peruvian Luxury Merino Superwash (DK)
needles: Clover US 5 bamboo 16" circs

Easy, cute little pattern!  This was my first time actually completing a colorwork project (don't remind me about the two or three forlorn mitten projects languishing in a knitting basket somewhere), and my first time doing duplicate stitch. Surprisingly the colorwork wasn't bad at all (perhaps because I wasn't knitting at a tight gauge on DPNs as with the mittens?); the duplicate stitch was more of a challenge.  Now to decide whether or not to add a fluffy white pompom!  Note to self: use size 6 needles next time, as it truly is a tiny little hat. I most definitely want to knit a coordinating sheep yoke baby cardigan.
in other news...

- The spring issue of Knitcircus is up! I was especially impressed by the book reviews.

- Use the force, Luke:


barefootrooster said...

hooray for snow days, snow angels, and snow-day knitting!

Rose said...

Love the hat, but the commercial made me laugh!!

Rue said...

That hat is adorable! And good for you for venturing out into the snow. I have to confess that I chickened out once I saw the temperature and decided that I'd hold off until I had to head into work tomorrow.

Thanks for the link to Knitcircus! How did I not know about this magazine?

marycatharine said...

That little hat is darling. I'm impressed that you dug yourself out, went for a walk and found an open pizzeria.

Sharon said...

Commercials are a fact of life so I really appreciate a good one. I've always enjoyed those from VW and posted that on my FB - thanks!

elizabeth said...

Wow, look at all that snow! I keep hoping we'll get a decent amount, but so far - nope!

That hat is too cute.

Caffeine Girl said...

You guys really were hammered by snow! I can't get over the pictures of all the abandoned cars on LSD!

The sheep hat is SO cute.

Mia said...

That fist photo looks like Europe! Could you please send some snow my way?

And I promise i will spend Sunday writing to you. I owe you a long letter.

articulateknits said...

Snow days are awesome! I love that beanie!

Chris said...

Cute commercial!

That baby hat is adorable!

The snow doesn't look as crazy on your street as it did in the stuff the Chicago Tribune had up.

nicole said...

Glad you got your cozy snow day wish.

Cute hat, sweater and commercial!

Gigi said...

I love snow days! We don't get enough of them here, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the few we've had.
And, cute little hat, J! Colorwork scares me, but there are so many pretty patterns out there I'd love to make - someday ;).

Katie M. said...

Happy snow day!! It sounds pretty darn perfect ...

Carrie#K said...

Football & Valentines, I believe I'll take my grinch self away.

Snow! Much snow!

Sharon said...

The jacket is looking good and I LOVE that commercial.