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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

constant as a northern star

The Packers' Super Bowl victory saw much rejoicing around here.  We woke up to yet another winter wonderland scene on Sunday:

We donned Packers gear, braved the snow, and headed north to Milwaukee to watch the game with Paul's family.  It was intense!
I'm not the biggest sports fan, but I love how the Packers are owned by the community, not by rich fancy-pants big wigs, and the enthusiasm from Green Bay fans is just amazing.
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I'm listening to this:
The Magnetic Fields' alternately bittersweet and incongruous 3-disc magnum opus, 69 Love Songs.
I'm knitting a Hap Blanket as a sample for Sarah. The yarn is just lovely -- The Plucky Knitter MCN Aran.  It's light, lofty, and soft, and the colors are gorgeous. What more can you ask for?

The weekend wasn't just filled with football (and plumbing problems, but this is not the place for woes). I spent Friday night at the Riviera Theatre with one of my favorite bands:
Great show, aside from a maddening avant-garde extended riff on "Chimbley Sweep"! Many songs from the new album, The King is Dead. For me the highlights were hauntingly spare versions of "January Hymn," and Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You."


Samantha said...

When Jesse first got that Magnetic Fields album (is it still one album if it has multiple discs?), he listened to it over and over and over. Apparently he likes it too :-)

Pretty winter wonderland scene... except for the cleaning off the Jeep part.

elizabeth said...

My son just downloaded the latest Decemberists and we listened to it on the way to school Monday - I love it! Also love A Case of You, I have a bootleg cassette of Tori singing it in concert. It was the first time I'd heard the song and even though I love Joni, it's the version I hear in my head when I think of the song.

barefootrooster said...

whoa, i love the idea of covering a case of you. a favorite joni song, though there are so many i love. what a pretty blanket -- and i'm with you on the good stuff about the packers.

Rue said...

We were very happy to see the Packers beat the Steelers on Sunday (although it would have been even better if the Patriots had made it to the Super Bowl this year, but I digress).

That hap blanket looks gorgeous - you're really not helping my stash diet here :)

Rose said...

OMG! My Hap blanket is the same color combo, I've been listening to The King is Dead cd all week, nonstop practically, and I also own the Magnetic Fields 69 cds. And I was pulling for the Pack. Weirdly similar......

At Home Mommy Knits said...

That hap blanket looks fun. Can't wait to see it finished.

marycatharine said...

Looks like a great weekend... I worked during the game so the big football fans could have the night off :) How big is the Hap blanket going to be? It always looks tiny but that might just be me.

Chris said...

That is a most excellent album!

So, did you paint yourselves green for the game? ;)

Sharon said...

I'm not a football fan anymore, though I do understand the sport. We feel the same about the Packers so that was my first and only football game of this season. We were thrilled to see them win, plus Aaron Rodgers is from a community just the other side of the Sierras from here - almost local :)

Katie M. said...

Pretty! The blanket looks lovely and squishy -- a good kind of project for the snow. I love 69 love songs. It's kooky.

knitseashore said...

Congrats to the Packers! Some friends at the shelter where I volunteer are from Wisconsin, and I'm sure very happy!!

Are you over the snow too? Ours has melted only a little so far, but at least it's good knitting weather.

Gigi said...

And yes! to the Packers' win! And that's coming from a Texas girl where our team is owned by a fancy pants big wig (stated with much more delicacy than Mr. FC uses to describe JJ ;),
Loving the Hap Blanket -- looks so soft and cuddly.
I've got to check out the Decemberists (I'm old you know) as I'm not familiar with their music, but if they 'do' Joni, I'm pretty sure I'll love them.

Yellow Cat Studio said...

Winter is so beautiful, isn't it? I don't like cleaning off my car though, so I'm ready for Spring. It looks like there's been lots of snow there. There's been lots of snow here too (South Dakota)!!!