Monday, November 20, 2006

holiday crafting

The holiday ornament crafting is in full swing! I redscovered the joys of felt the other day. Felt trees and hearts are in the works, too. I'm thinking of sewing colorful buttons onto the green felt trees. This will require a trip to Joann, of course, but I could probably use some more embroidery floss, too.

Sock #1 is almost done, but I'm out of yarn with mere inches to go! I need to pick up some black superwash for a contrasting toe. I already see the benefits of toe-up sock patterns.

Kylie has been contorting herself into very cute positions lately. Here she is curled up into Paul's lap while he watches football.

The birthday party was a success, and the butterscotch bars were a huge hit, as usual. I used a different brand of chocolate chips for the brownies, and it did not go well. Avoid Guittard's extra melty semi-sweet chocolate chips for this recipe. I think the "extra meltiness" ruined the texture. They were too smooth! Normally I like that brand of chocolate chips, but I would stick with the regular semisweet chips for this.

The DIY Trunk Show itself was a disappointment on Saturday, but I had a great time hanging out with friends from my knitting group!


Karin said...

So cute to both pictures!!

Yes, the Yoga class is at Hamlin Park. You can sign up online starting next Monday at 9 AM from Jan 8-March 25. I suggest you pencil it in your planner because it fills up quickly! It is from 12-1 on Saturdays. Here's the website for signing up, and you can view all the classes offered through it:

Old Knitter said...

The ornaments are adorable . . . did you knit up the felt and then cut out the ornaments?

Anonymous said...

Those ornaments are really cute. Now I'm thinking about what kind of ornaments I could make this year. Maybe some cute little knitted stockings or sweaters for the tree. I do have a pattern book somewhere for knitted snowflake ornaments...similar to the crocheted ones. Glad to hear the socks are going so well and sorry that the yarn ran out. I hear good things about the toe up knitting and have been thinking about giving it a try myself. Also glad that you liked the card. My dogs sleep about 20 hours a day in addition to other things that I'm glad I don't know about!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Jodi said...

I used plain old felt from the fabric store for these ornaments. I felted my favorite green lambswool sweater, and I'm going to cut up that for trees. I just loved that sweater, but it had a number of holes and looked so ratty. I had to do something with, or else I would just keep on wearing it!