Tuesday, February 20, 2007

still life with sock

Best. Colorway. Ever.

I followed a blog link to the Cider Moon website, and next think I knew I was entering my credit card number and rubbing my hands together with glee in anticipation of my lovely new yarn. Their customer service was great, and they even threw in a goody bag of little mini skeins of yarn to sample!

This is Glacier, a DK-weight superwash sock yarn, in "Winter Twilight." So beautiful, and so quick to knit. I'm using a free pattern off the Cider Moon blog: Campfire Socks. At this stage I far prefer DK to fingering weight. Plus thick socks are great with all my clogs. I'm trying out different DPNs, too -- KA Unicorn bamboo. They come in a very convenient 6" length. Compared to my usual Clover bamboo needles, they are shinier, pointier, and slicker (but not in a bad way), and they have a much nicer feel. They are more pliable and less prone to dents and dings than Brittany birch DPNS, which I like to use in larger sizes.

So far Cider Moon gets two thumbs up from me. I'm really wishing I had ordered the June Carter and Casual Friday colorways, too.

Fleece Artist Soft Mitts are done! They are soft, fuzzy, and lovely. Fleece Artist is very generous with their yarn in this kit. I was able to get three adult size mittens out of the kit. I'm sure that you could use one kit to make matching adult and child mitts. The kit is a bit pricey, but if you tend to lose mitts or if you like to be matchy-matchy with a little one in your life, it doesn't seem quite so bad.

My cross-stitch project is coming along quite nicely, although I have run out of some of the fancy schmancy overdyed Crescent Colors floss already. Time for a little online needlework shopping!


Karin said...

Three lovely pictures!

Those mittens look exactly the same as the mittens from Weekend Knitting.

I wear mine ALL the time and they are super warm.

Micki said...

You've been busy! Those mittens look great.

Mia said...

You are an enabler. I just ordered 2 skeins of yarn from Cider Moon. You might want to try Fleece Artist next. Their finger weight is a little bit thicker than most.

Christy said...

Beautiful colorway and photo.

Jana said...

Cider Moon does have some beautiful colorways, and great names. It's the names that pull me in for some reason. The mitts and cross stitch look great too! And you got a Trader Joes gift card from your SP? That's awesome!

Leah said...

Those mittens look so darn warm & comfy!! I really like the color you chose too!

That sock is gonna be fantastic! Beautiful colorway there as well!

Jill said...

Oooooo! Pretty socks! I love that colorway and I'll soon be checking out Cider Moon. Yes, you enabler, you! Maybe I can convince DH to allow a wee purchase for my upcoming birthday.

Whatever happened to Wavy? Did I miss the finish of it?

And hope you are enjoying the scarf. My recent swap scarf is one of those curly, ruffly ones. So, now I don't have to knit one for myself. :-)

~Kristie said...

It's a good thing I blew all my money at Stitches West, otherwise I'd be clicking on that Cider Moon link. GORGEOUS!

The mitts look SO SOFT. I'm not a mitten kind of girl, but I sincerely love those!