Sunday, February 11, 2007


Upon realizing that my Fleece Artist Soft Mitt would fit only someone with serious Man Hands (alas, my husband is not into fluffy dark pink mohair mittens), I ripped away and quickly reknit on smaller needles (US 7 rather than 8). I also shortened the length of the mitt and the thumb by 1/2" each. The thumb is still f$%&in' huge, but I just didn't have it in me to rip it back. I would highly recommend doing some extra decreases at the base of the thumb.

I really love this yarn combo -- Fleece Artist Mo and Blue Face Leicester, so I wasn't even too crabby about reknitting. It's lovely to knit with.

My cross-stitch roots have been calling out to me. Cross-stitching is much easier on my wrists and hands than knitting, so it's a nice break. I especially like working on samplers that have some white space to them. I don't like the look or feel of projects that have every square covered.

Here's the start to "Forest Snowfall" by Nikki Leeman at Country Cottage Needleworks. I really like her designs. She brings a Shabby Chic aesthetic to samplers that often have a primitive aspect.
Here's a picture of what it should look like when done:


Jana said...

I like that sampler a lot, the colors are beautiful. I cross stitched for a long time, my addiction was But after spending a year and a half on one design I lost my mind just a little bit and haven't done it since. Someday I'll pick it back up, it is a lot easier on the hands.

sunneshine said...

I love the mitten!! The colors are amazing. Not sure how cold it is where you are, here I would wear them with a glove liner underneath and be happy they are a little big!

Mia said...

I used to do quite a bit of cross stitch as well. But my favorite designer was and still is Shepherds Bush. I also did quite a bit of needlepoint or counted thread. I like the look of your sampler. Do you ever work on linen?

And try wearing glove liners under the mittens. It will not make them smaller but you can at least wear them.

carrie said...

that cross stitch is adorable! the little deer is my favorite part. so cozy!

Leah said...

That is a lovely sampler! I like cross stich too but I rarely have the patience to do it.

That mitten looks fab! What a great yarn combo!