Monday, February 26, 2007

Feeling blue?

My Grandma Max emroidered this friendly mousie for me. For a few years she was stitching floursack towels by the boatload. I think of her each day as I set out a fresh towel. This is one of my absolute favorites.

Got the blues? I do! I'm talking about Project Spectrum v. 2.0, of course. I'm on square 2 of 12.

Pattern: Cot Blanket from Louisa Harding's Natural Knits for Moms and Babies

Yarn: RYC Cashsoft 4-ply, doubled (light blue and dark blue)

Needles: Grandma Max's old blue Boye aluminum 7s. See, I'm even working Project Spectrum angle with the very needles themselves! Talk about commitment :-)


Karin said...

Oh my goodness....that is the cutest towel ever.

I have to learn to embroider one of these days! I have the Sublime Stitching book and everything.

sunneshine said...

My grandmother was talking to me about knitting dishtowels last night... I love the ones I have, they make me smile, as did yours!

Dipsy said...

My gosh, this mousey is so cute, I really, really love it! Very beautiful embroidery!

Jana said...

What a cute towel, and her stitching is perfect, not a single stitch out of place!

Christy said...

Pretty towel. And quite sweet blue post.