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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the christmas elf is hard at work

knitting hats, night and day...
 Pattern: Cranberry Sauce, by Brittany Tyler
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Chunky, 1 skein (~ 100 yds.)
Needles: Clover US 7 and 9 bamboo 16" circs + US 9 DPNs

I switched to smaller needles than this time, and it worked perfectly!  The cables are squooshier and cozier, and I managed to knit the whole pattern this time using just one skein of yarn.  
Melissa LaBarre, AKA knittingschooldropout, is having a pattern sale (25% off) through 12/20. It's just her self-published patterns (not ones in books or through yarn companies), and some very lovely ones are included. For example, I have a Crooked Paths hat underway:
The yarn is madelinetosh tosh merino (in "saffron") -- it is bleeding like crazy, not just on my needles while I knit, but all over my white shirt. Boo. :-( We’ll see how much good a wash with vinegar does… Great pattern, though -- very fun to knit.

Next I'm casting on for Acorns (which comes with instructions for both worsted-weight and chunky versions!). The Christmas budget is a bit leaner than usual this year (due to acquiring Jeep #2), so it's handknit hats for everyone!
on the hi-fi
- Florence + the Machine ~ Lungs

- Arcade Fire ~ The Suburbs (definitely wins my vote for best album of the year)

- Vince Guaraldi Trio ~ A Charlie Brown Christmas

What are you listening to now?


Rose said...

Definitely Vince! Hoping for Arcade Fire under the tree! Love the hats too.

Rue said...

Love the tosh saffron! I've been eyeing that color ever since Loopy started carrying Madelinetosh. Stupid yarn diet. Hmm, I seem to be saying that a lot these days.

marycatharine said...

Bleeding yarn is no fun, maybe some vinegar in the water when you block it will help.

Carrie#K said...

Ouch on the bleeding Madeline Tosh. Bummer. The hats look good though!

I'm listening to the news on the radio. Boring. The only one I've heard of in your list is Charlie Brown.

Anonymous said...

THat's funny, I have played all three of those cds within the last 24 hours :)

Stacey, formerly of toomanyscarves

Joan said...

Hubby and I have a tradition of listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas album and drinking hot cocoa while decorating our tree :) Love it!

knitseashore said...

Love the Vince/Charlie Brown Christmas! I'm a bit of a scrooge and don't like a lot of Christmas music, but I like any instrumentals -- Chris is playing Manheim Steamroller and George Winston's Winter album when I'm around. ;)

peaknits said...

Gorgeous hats! I am casting on a Melissa LaBarre tonight too:) She is a rockstar. I can't listen to The dog Days are Over enough lately off of the Lungs album - and all of the Glee CDs - I am little ashamed to admit...

Sharon said...

Actually, I'm listening to the sounds of silence for the moment. I love the crooked paths hat, especially the bubble shape it takes. Too bad about the yarn. I hope the vinegar is just what the doctor ordered.

Katie M. said...

Lovely hats! I've been boring lately ... just listening to the radio. And the Christmas music everywhere. But that's really not on purpose.

nicole said...

You have some lucky gift recipients there!

Right this minute, I'm listening to John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas album. Dreadfully uncool, I know, but it was my favourite Christmas record growing up.


Andi said...

Thank for the turn on to Arade Fire. That is now playing in my ears as I am baking Christmas cookies! :)
That stink about the Tosh Saffron because that color is to dye for.

Firefly said...

Ooooo, pretty hats! Makes me want to cast on one for a certain individual ;). Must listen to your music recommendations, as you always know about the best things. I've been keeping the Sinatra channel on the Sirius at home (which is interspersed with some holiday standards) and ditto to Nicole's John Denver album -- there are a couple of really beautiful songs from it which I have on my ipod Christmas music mix. Oh, and have you ever heard Bing Crosby's and David Bowie's duet rendition of "The Little Drummer Boy" -- love it! Also, love Dean Martin's "Marshmallow World".
Merry Christmas!

Chris said...

Very pretty hats! I wish I liked hats...

I'm listening to Mumford & Sons "Sigh No More" and Ravens & Chimes "Reichenbach Falls" (waiting for their new one!).