Friday, August 17, 2007

super - (not so) natural stripes

I'm happily settled back in at home here in Chicago after a few days in Minneapolis. Babies were visited, baby sweaters were presented, and much fun was had by all. Alas, I forgot to take my camera. Plus all the sweaters were too big, just as intended -- that way they'll fit this winter! Hopefully parents will send me some photos of sweaters in action.

Finally the heat has broken for real -- the a/c is off, the windows are open, and I'm content as can be. There's another baby sweater in the works:
This time it's the super-natural stripes cardigan by f. pea. I'm subbing Mission Falls 1824 cotton from my stash, so it's not all that natural, but it sure is cute and fun to knit. Top-down raglan = not many seams. Thank god, since there's a ton of ends to weave in as a result of all the color changes. Needless to say this is the back view, as I can't bear to show off all the dangling ends in the front. Great pattern, easy to knit. I think there are a couple errata for the stitch counts for the 6-12 mo. size that I'm knitting. I'll look at the math again and email Ms. F. Pea herself before posting any numbers, though.

I hit Stitches Midwest with a couple girls from my knitting group last Sunday. We had a good time, and it wasn't very busy. I didn't even go too yarn crazy, instead making an effort to buy yarns from the Midwest -- a handspun thrummed mitten kit from Handspun by Stefania and some oh-so-soft merino 3-ply Shepherd's Wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill for Christmas knitting.

I had hoped to meet up with a few Midwestern bloggers, but I was so busy getting ready for the MN trip that I didn't get organized! Oh well... there's always the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival coming up in a few weeks (Sept 7-9). It's in Jefferson, WI, home of one of my close friends from college, a rather smelly Friskies plant, and the late Rosemary Kennedy (a very sad and frightening tale).

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