Friday, August 10, 2007

danke schoen

Viele danke to Helga, my Sockapalooza pal! Not only did she knit me these beautiful blue ankle socks:

She also knit me these gorgeous Regia Canadian Colors socks:

Die Socken sind wunderbar! My feet will be very warm and happy this fall and winter. Both pairs fit perfectly, and I couldn't be more pleased. Helga sent me lots of goodies, too:
The chocolates and tea are delicious, and I'm excited to try a new sock yarn (Woll Butt). She sent along some Opal bamboo dpns, too -- I had no idea Opal even made needles. There' are even some beautiful-smelling handmade guest soaps! Everything is so thoughtful. Thank you so much, Helga. I hope your Sockpal knit you some wonderful socks, too.

Continuing in the Sockapalooza vein...

I finally finished my socks! For a while there I felt like little miss Goldisocks. Remember the Fleece Artist Dublin Bay socks that were too big? Then the Little Shell socks turned out too small. New pattern + new yarn = just the right size.
The Breeze ankle socks from Knitty made for a pretty quick knit in spite of all the fiddly cables and lace. What a great pattern! The yarn is Rowan 4 Ply Soft in "Clover". I used size 1.5 Pony Pearl dpns, and I combined the sizing for medium and large. My pal's feet are wider than mine but the same length, so I used size large for the width and size medium for the length.

I just need to weave in a few ends, wash them in some penny royal Meadows wool wash, and send them off! I feel bad that I took so long and that they're just ankle socks, but this has been an exhaustingly busy summer for me. I also learned some valuable lessons about sizing and gauge.

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