Saturday, September 01, 2012

a new leaf

Thank you for all the kind words about Capricha. They really warmed my heart during a really crummy month. 
The prospect of fall has me so excited that I'm actually knitting socks again (and drinking hot tea, despite the 90+ degree temps)! Basic 64-stitch afterthought heel -- no fancy pattern, but I love the yarn, Madelinetosh sock in turquoise (frogged from an old lacy Baktus, for which I had planned unwisely and run out of yarn). The linden tea is amazing and always reminds me of Proust (if only we had madeleines on hand).
This book by Jane Brocket is absolutely charming. It made me want to revisit some of my old favorite books, like Anne of Green Gables, and it also piqued my interest in a few I hadn't read. I've been giving copies to all of my book-loving friends with kids!
in the kitchen
I've been cooking a lot lately. I have not, however, been taking good photos of what I've been making:

- a wonderful pesto recipe
- delicious frozen yogurt, made with Greek yogurt
- whole-wheat spaghetti with Italian sausage and fennel recipe from Cook's Illustrated
I didn't have quite enough sausage, so I threw in some pancetta, which was delicious but maybe didn't have enough heft. Next time I'd cut the pasta down to 12 oz. rather than a full pound.

- Trader Joe's canned smoked trout is amazing (I know I'm late to the game on this one!)
I've just been draining it, flaking it, and mixing it with a little bit of mayo, a squeeze of lemon juice, and snipped fresh chives from the garden. Perfect sandwich for weekday lunches!
- Anchovy paste is all new to me! I used it in a spicy red clam sauce the other night, and it really added wonderful complexity and flavor. Plus who doesn't get a kick out of squeezing a mysterious fish paste out of a tube? Reminds me of Scandinavia!
Back soon with more knitting photos, I promise. Three projects are blocking on my dining room table as I type this post!


Katie M. said...

I can't wait for fall to arrive in Nashville ... soon? I hope so. Socks seem like the perfect way to get ready for cooler weather! And thanks for all the delicious ideas -- I've been needing some kitchen inspiration.

knitseashore said...

The temperatures are changing fast in New England; mornings and evenings are definitely cooler. I haven't done very much cooking because of the humidity, but am looking forward to experimenting with recipes again soon.

Looking forward to seeing your FOs!

Caroline said...

I'm ready for socks and tea too, but it was 101 degrees today, so I think I'll have to wait another month before I truly get in the mode.

I just happened upon your blog. So sad about your kitties.

Tracy Altieri said...

I'm terrible at taking food photos! it's something that I hope to improve upon over time. I suspect that our tastes run the same - the foods that you posted are right up my alley!