Sunday, November 27, 2011


I found these sweet mercury glass owls at West Elm, and one is now perched at the top of our built-in bookcases, wisely surveying the living-room realm.
Don't they remind you a bit of Bubo from Clash of the Titans?
Very classy. And shiny. Because those two qualities go hand in hand.

I'm also in love with these flannel sheets that my mum gave me for early Christmas:
What a cheery fair isle motif!
I spotted this beautiful, cozy throw at Pottery Barn:

Now that's a pattern that I can unvent! A garter stitch blanket with a crochet shell edging? Easy as pie. I may frog my overly bulky (and unflattering) Oatmeal Pullover and use the beautiful bird's egg Quince & Co. yarn for this. The PB version is knit in acrylic, of course, so Quince & Co. wool would be about a thousand steps up.
What did we spot on our drive back to Chicago?

In Wisconsin Dells, on a Jeep, of course. <3


Shilo said...

I need to teach myself to crochet - I love that blanket!

Chris said...

Great license plate!

Oh, that blanket looks cozy. And hard to wash it you make it from non-superwash wool...

Rachel said...

For the first time even, I'm wishing we had a target within 100 miles of me. I LOVE those sheets. Which just made me stop and think...when did I become that person who would comment on sheets? ;)

Katie M. said...

Classy and shiny most certainly do go together! How could you have one without the other? I love that blanket, too -- and the owls are fabulous!

Mia said...

I need to practice my crochet skills more I think. One of the local dyers has these lovely granny square runners in her studio in natural colors. I love them and I am not a lover of brown.