Friday, June 26, 2009

blanket statement

The log cabin blanket is nearing the finish line. See where the blue and yellow meet? This was my first time doing even the most basic intarsia.I've enjoyed log cabin-ing, and I don't mind the miles of garter stitch, but the way this project eats yarn is horrifying. I would knit the pattern again, but I would make sure to stock plenty of yarn first. This blanket would have been done long ago if I had paid closer attention to the yardage requirements.
Since one can never knit enough lap-covering projects during a 90-degree heat spell, I cast on for another blanket last week, this time in Cascade's wonderful (and affordable) Ecological Wool, which is a lofty and springy loosely-spun 2-ply. This is yet another pattern by Ysolda Teague -- the Hap Blanket (rav). I'm done with the center square, which knits up quickly, and I'm ready to pick up stitches for the feather and fan edging.
One movie I'm definitely not seeing this summer is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Why not, you might ask? See Roger Ebert's review. I'm gonna trust Ebert on this one. I've only recently discovered the entertainment value of Ebert's reviews -- esp. the ones of bad movies (collected in Your Movie Sucks and I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie).
Did anyone catch the new Hercule Poirot, Mrs. McGinty's Dead, on PBS last night? I was quite taken by the cinematography (videography? not sure what you say for TV). The old Poirots always seemed like they were shot by someone's dad on a camera borrowed from the local high school. This one had some great shots, esp. of Poirot right when he arrives in Broadhinny; plus the period cars are gorgeous.

P.S. You can watch it online here until July 5.
Other exciting news on the PBS front...
David Tennant is the new host of Masterpiece Contemporary, starting in October. On a related note, am I ever itching for the next season of Dr. Who.

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