Saturday, May 16, 2009

spring fever

It may have been a little late in coming, but spring fever has hit me hard. Blue skies, sunshine, gentle breezes, chirping birds... heavenly.

I started a Moderne Baby Blanket (free pattern!) for a new baby born to dear friends of ours out in Boulder. Log Cabin-ing is really fun! This was supposed to be a stash buster, but it's running through the yarn at an alarming rate, so a trip to Loopy is in order this weekend (plus they're having a sale).
We had hoped to find a last minute vacation package and get the heck out of Dodge this weekend, but it wasn't in the cards. Turns out I'm actually pretty picky about where I vacation! Who knew... Plus Paul sprained his big toe playing beach volleyball and is hobbling around, plus he caught a cold. So it's probably better to stay put. We are, however, heading up to Milwaukee for a quick overnight trip -- Cafe Hollander, relaxing on the screen porch, and a Brewers game.

Here's to a wonderful long weekend!

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