Thursday, January 01, 2009

a year of handknit gifts

Jan 09 Mosaic, originally uploaded by jodi at caffeinated yarn.

2008 was a year of knitting for others. While I had made handknit gifts in the past, this year involved a much larger scale. While I think everything was fairly well-received, the greatest hits were the Owl Hats, the blue Unorginal Hat, and the Just Enough Ruffles scarves. Great patterns all three!

My two designs -- the Owl Baby Vest and the Windy City Hat -- were major knitting triumphs for 2008. My other big (non-knitting) accomplishment was finishing the last of my prelim exams and moving on to my dissertation. Paul accepted a new job that he mostly enjoys, with co-workers whom he genuinely likes. We made it out to Colorado for a much-needed vacation and caught up with dear friends. So 2008 may have had its downs, but it also had its ups.

May the New Year be filled with peace, joy, marvelous surprises, plenty of knitting, and new adventures!

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