Tuesday, January 06, 2009

happy hands

Keri and I organized a little trade. I sent her a couple skeins of Sundara sock yarn (I'm so slow at knitting socks), and she sent me these gorgeous Koigu Anemoi mittens that she had knit!
They're blue and beautiful, and the pattern has a Greek name (anemoi means "winds"), so they pretty much have "Jodi" written all over them. I'm thrilled, and I've already worn them on their maiden voyage (to the Irish Oak for a pint of cider, no less).

Keri also made me this, which I put to good use immediately:
Thank you, Keri! I hope you enjoy the yarn, especially since I feel like I ended up on the better end of this deal.

The textured shawl is coming along quite nicely, and the color is a cheerful contrast to the grey day. The rows are beginning to feel awfully long, which is usually the case with triangular shawls knit from the center top out.

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