Thursday, June 04, 2015

dispatch from the front porch

Today I squeezed in a little front porch knitting, which is pretty much the best type of knitting.

The pattern is Kirsten Kapur's Hamamelis, which has been on my to-knit list forever. Again, I'm using yarn from deep in the stash (hooray!) -- Dream in Color's Smooshy sock yarn in Nightwatch. The pattern's looking great, but the shawl seems small-ish considering that the second of four repeats of the main chart is almost done. I had a little trouble getting into the lace pattern, something that hasn't happened to me in a long time. There's something about garter stitch-based lace that just doesn't click naturally with my brain, esp. when there's patterning on both the right and wrong side rows. The yarn is springy and has kind of a tight twist -- it would probably make excellent socks.

Summer's finally here, and the university where I work is looking absolutely beautiful. Peonies on the main quads, plus look how quickly this spring's crop of ducklings is growing up!

Speaking of getting big so quickly, here's Erik reading a book. He inherited my love of Richard Scarry.


Anonymous said...

So cute. :) Our little guy also loves the Richard Scarry books.

barefootrooster said...

Yay for porch knitting and peonies! (And also for kids who love to read!)

Gillian said...

Erik is lovely sitting there reading his book! The ducklings are great - I'm hoping to have some soon. I think your knitting looks great; the colour is beautiful. I try to avoid lace patterns where you have to work the pattern on every row! It's great to have to work the lace pattern only on every other row.

Stephanie said...

My DD loves R Scarry as well, and we have that same book. ;-) (sjn821 on Rav)