Wednesday, October 22, 2014


How quickly a year passes... Erik turned one, and we celebrated Peter Rabbit-style. How I love this sweet, funny boy of ours.

Carrot cake, which Erik loved. He didn't know what to do at first, but then just about polished off his whole cupcake (though a good number of crumbs bedecked his high chair afterward).

Wee bunny-shaped chocolate sugar cookies with just their fluffy white tails frosted.

I made a traditional Swedish kladdkaka -- a cross between chocolate cake and brownies. I used a nonstick kladdkaka pan with raised fluted edges, but any nonstick 9-inch cake pan would do. No need to break out the mixer for this recipe! It's easy to mix by hand.

Swedish Chocolate Sticky Cake

1/2 C. butter
1 1/3 C. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract (or 1 T. vanilla sugar)
1/8 tsp. salt
1/4 C. high quality natural cocoa powder (I like Penzeys natural high fat cocoa powder)
2 eggs
1/2 C. flour

- Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly grease a 9” cake pan.
- Soften butter and add sugar, vanilla extract/sugar, salt, and cocoa powder. Mix well by hand.
- Stir in the eggs until the mixture is smooth. Add flour, stir until combined.
- Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and bake on the lower rack of the oven for 25-30 minutes. Don’t overbake -- a tester will still have sticky crumbs.
- Allow cake to cool for 15-20 minutes. Then hold a plate over the pan, invert the pan, and release the cake.
- Optional: Serve dusted with powdered sugar, or with ice cream or whipped cream.

Serves 6.


Rue said...

Happy birthday, Erik! The Peter Rabbit party looks fantastic. I really shouldn't add chocolate cake into my diet right now but that recipe sounds delicious. Maybe we'll need to celebrate Sprout's eight and a half month birthday. I know her big sister wouldn't mind!

Susan said...

Love your chocolate bunny sugar cookies. And thanks so much for the chocolate cake recipe. Perfect time of year for baking.

kathy b said...

Happy happy birthday to your sweet boy

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday, Big Boy! Time really does fly. Congratulations of completing your 1st year of parenting! (sjn821 on Rav)

Tracy Altieri said...

It hardly seems possible that it has been a year! Cheers!

Allison said...

Happy birthday to your boy! It looks like such a sweet party. And thanks for sharing the recipe. It looks delicious. :)