Friday, October 04, 2013

the waiting game

Still playing the waiting game around here... One benefit of extra time is finishing up another baby cardigan!

pattern: babe in the woods, by Melissa LaBarre
needles: US 5 Clover bamboo circs and DPNs
size: 6-12 months

The leaf yoke pattern was very fun to knit. I used a rich dark brown to give the pattern a more “boyish” look. Picking up fewer stitches for the button bands would have worked better (or using a smaller needle), but I’m happy enough with it as is.

I used the same yarn as for the tiny trees baby vest. The yarn was a giveaway on Suze's blog, Mad Knitting, and I stand by my earlier assessment that I like it better than Swish -- it has a nicer hand and a little less of the creepy superwash feel.
Still hooking away at the rosie posie granny square afghan... I'm not sure whether to do four more squares or fourteen more squares.
Some more nursery photos, though we've made progress since these were taken.
The baby quilt made at my mum's baby shower for me! 

Paul's mother did the embroidery above the bookcase for his nursery when he was a baby.

My great aunt sewed this sweet christening gown for my aunt in 1940. It has been worn by many babies -- my aunt, mom, two uncles, brother, cousins, me, and even one cousin-once-removed.


Rue said...

The nursery looks fabulous (as do your latest FOs)! I hope you're enjoying the last few days of knitting and napping time. Here's hoping it's a short wait!

Tracy Altieri said...

So happy to see you nursery! Love the comfy chair and colors. Good luck!

Caffeine Girl said...

This is turning out to be a long wait. It will be worth it!

Samantha said...

What a beautiful nursery, Jodi. I like that it is not "out of a box" but rather made up of so many pieces that were hand-crafted and/or hand-chosen to go together. Hang in there!

Stephanie said...

The room looks great and well prepared for baby. Love the elephant hamper! Fortunately knitting and crocheting are great time passers. Best of luck! (sjn821 on Rav)

Hilary said...

I kind of loved those last days before Daniel was born, even though I was pretty anxious for him to come. It was like the calm before the storm...very peaceful. Anyway, the nursery looks wonderful! I love all of the personal and meaningful touches you've added. And how cool is that elephant basket??

Melissa said...

It's such fun preparing for baby! Good luck :-)

Sanja T said...

Congratulations. All the baby things look amazing. There is nothing cuter than miniature clothes.