Monday, August 22, 2011

the nerdiness abounds

So, The Fellowship of the Ring to the accompaniment of the CSO while picnicking at Ravinia on a beautiful night was pretty much awesome.

What made it even more awesome?

Lembas to sustain you on your journey. Recipe and mallorn leaf pattern here. Apparently the elves were actually big fans of lemon-flavored scones! The leaves are cut out of felt rather than foam, simply because there was already a plentiful cache of green felt in my craft supplies (why, I don't know, but I was happy to go with it). Sadly, we were forced to drink Crispin cider and Half Acre beer (brewed 1/2 mile from my house) in lieu of miruvor.


I threw caloric considerations out the window and made that easy beer mac and cheese recipe on Saturday! I wasn't up for another trip to the market, so there was some improvising (i.e., cleaning out the cheese drawer and skipping the basil leaves). I used cheddar, gruyere, a wee bit of Parmesan, and  Cotswold Double Gloucester (which just happens to make the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever). The bites with the Double Gloucester were AMAZING! Next time I'd zing up the recipe with a little bit of onion, cayenne pepper, and ground mustard.

ETA: I've found Cotswold Double Gloucester at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. I'm guessing that a good specialty cheese/wine shop might carry it, too.
Another baby gift has not only been finished, but also given to its intended recipient!  The new mom's a knitter, so I didn't want to post here until it was safely in her hands.
pattern: Baby Kina, by Muriela
yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, 1.75 skeins
needles: Clover US 4 bamboo circs
size: 6 months


Fantastic little pattern! Very easy to knit, and not fiddly at all. I love the gathering at the yoke. The yarn is wonderful to knit, and I'm sad that my Baby Cashmerino stash is pretty much depleted now (although I suppose that's a good thing, as there's plenty more yarn marinating in the craft room).

I wonder a bit about the buttonhole placement. They seem a bit off center -- I might move them closer to the edge of the button band next time. I'll definitely knit this pattern again! There's even a version for grown-ups.

linkety ~ projects I'd like to start right away but know I oughtn't

- free pattern for a colorful bull's eye crochet blanket at Tangled

- tutorial for making a very cute cable knit pillow cover at Craftastical


Hilary said...

Watching Fellowship with live accompaniment while eating homemade lembas bread sounds like the most fun evening ever. EVER. I am totally jealous.

MSW Mom Jan said...

Wow sounds amazing. Where does one purchase Cotswold Double Gloucester?

barefootrooster said...

oh my goodness, that mac and cheese sounds incredible. and i love these photos of your Tolkien-esque adventures in cooking and outdoor movie-watching!

Kara said...

I love nerding it up. And you did it in style!

That cardi is so darling.

Rose said...

Not sure what I want to try first, the sweater or the mac n' cheese! Both look super, thanks for sharing.

Rue said...

Ravinia sounds like it was a blast! LOVE the nerdiness.

Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday. A certain someone woke up at 3 that morning and took forever to get back to sleep, making me a basket case all day. Thank goodness my knitting could be done on autopilot!

Mia said...

Lemon scones sound lovely. And you may have to make your lembas bread again soon. I just found a recipe I am sure the Elves would love!

And those recipes that are clean out the refrigerator ones are always delicious.

Katie M. said...

Oh, my, I need to go cheese shopping. Double yum! The concert does indeed sound awesome. Might have to try that sweater pattern, too ...

Chris said...

It sounds like a wonderfully nerdy evening! :) I've actually been to Ravinia once, although not for anything as amazing as that.

marycatharine said...

That sounds like the best way to spend a night ever! Although I'm a nerd and might not be the best person to ask :) Love the baby sweater, I didn't notice the button placement until you mentioned it.

nicole said...

How I would have LOVED to join you for that LOTR screening. So fun!! Your lembas looks amazing.

andi said...

Where to start with all those loves? Wicked cool watching LOR accompanied by lemas. That mac and cheese, next on my menu. That sweater is too cute for words!

Anonymous said...

seems you got the buttonholes off centre, not the buttons. Love it, though.

Better Living said...

The lembas recipe makes my geeky little heart SO HAPPY. Thank you for opening my eyes!