Friday, March 11, 2011

march of the ladybugs

Hooray for Friday! I have big weekend plans to watch The Social Network (pretty sure I'll be the last person in the country to see it), make Senegalese carrot soup, brunch at Milk & Honey Cafe, and work on ye olde dissertation (necessary, but not the fun part). 

Another green baby gift is off the needles!

pattern: Colin Vest, by Doris Chang
yarn: Malabrigo Rios, "Lettuce," 1 skein
needles: Clover US 6 bamboo straights
size: 6-12 months


I've been wanting to try Malabrigo's superwash Rios yarn for quite some time. The yarn is soft and very pretty, but a bit delicate. Even with blunt-tipped bamboo needles it splits every once in a while. It's much thinner than Malabrigo's regular Merino Worsted, and it seems like a good substitution for Madelinetosh Tosh DK.

I just had a few yards of yarn to spare at the end. More ladybug buttons, once again from JoAnn. I'd knit this pattern again, but I'd modify the pattern to knit the stockinette section in the round.
fun on the interwebs
decisions, decisions...

So I've (gasp) actually been wearing my handknit sweaters lately. There's no photographic evidence of this yet, but I'm feeling excited about knitting sweaters for me again. Now to decide which cardigan to knit next:

- The Dude. So awesome.
- Aidez (I saw a beautiful one being worn by a proud knitter at Lakeside Fibers last weekend)
- Shalder (no tummy pockets, as that's not really an area I want to highlight)

Any opinions?  I have enough Cascade 200 to knit Lorna Suzanne or Shalder (instead of the recommended Quince and Co. Lark, which I'd love to use), but I'd have to buy yarn for the other two.


Anonymous said...

Lorna Suzanne, definitely. I like the back of the Aidez but not the way it just hangs in front.

Sue said...

I vote for Aidez, but then what do I know. (Actually this is going on my to-do list.)

Chris said...

That is such a cute baby gift!!

LOL - now all I can picture are the Norwegian bachelor farmers of Lake Wobegone (sp?!).

Genki said...

Wow, I love Aidez, I hadn't seen it before, but just added it to my Rav queue!

The baby tunic is gorgeous, the ladybirds on the green are so cute!

And, I just bought Agatha Christie's biography in a 2nd hand stall today, can't wait to read about when she was involved in archeology.

Barb T. said...

I read your blog and have never posted but I had to here because I desperately want to make 3 of the 4 sweaters. I like the Dude, but it wouldn't be my 1st choice; I love Shalder, too. It is in my favorites. I have the copy of Aidez and just ordered the Peruvia Quick for it. It will be a challenge for me, but I am determined. Lorna Suzanne is so cute, and when I finish all of my current projects, it is the one for me. I will order the Quince and Co. Lark for that. I've used their other yarns and all are just super (currently using Osprey). I will be very anxious to see what you choose and your progress. Please keep us posted!!

Samantha said...

I can tell you're having trouble deciding what you want-those sweaters don't have much in common, except that the Lorna Suzanne and Shalder ones are "delicate" and "feminine." The Dude's sweater--ha ha ha! That's awesome. The Aidez says "lounge in a chair with a book and a coffee" to me, which sounds like you. But I really like the Lorna Suzanne too. Have fun with whichever one you choose.

Gigi said...

Sweet little vest! Love all the cardi links (added 3 to my favs ;). I think the 'Lorna Suzanne' is my favorite, but 'Shalder' is lovely too. Heavens, too many wonderful things out there to knit, aren't there?!

nicole said...

All those sweaters are fantastic, but my fingers are itching to knit Aidez, so that would be my vote.

Laura said...

Wow, tough call, they're all so nice! I like Lorna Suzanne a lot, and I agree with Samantha that Aidez looks like a lounging-reading-coffee drinking kind of sweater. Both of those are great. Also, that soup sounds superyum.

Katie M. said...

I love any and all of your cardigan choices, though -- obviously -- The Dude is the most awesome. Happy weekend!

Mia said...

Shaldar with no books. I have yarn for it myself ina teal. No pockets for me either.

Shan said...

So how did you like "The Social Network"? I saw it just last week. It all felt so hollow and empty...made me want to not only delete my Facebook profile, but call my ISP and tell them I won't be needing their services any longer as I am moving to the northern mountains to live off the land.

But then I remembered Ravelry and realised if I did that I'd never know what my finished knitting projects were going to look like. Stymied!

marycatharine said...

They're all great but I love Shalder.