Wednesday, January 19, 2011

winter in the city

Scenes from a wintry walk:
an unexpected pop of color.

city streets frosted with snow

A new knitting project on the needles (so many babies on the way this year!):

Tasty orange and dark chocolate buttermilk scones fresh from the oven:


Rue said...

The snow looks absolutely lovely in your neighborhood! I'd be jealous except that our relative lack of snow makes for an easier walk to the train.

And those scones look amazing! I'll have to try out the recipe

Chris said...

I am so going to make those scones in the A.M. Thanks for sharing : )

Caffeine Girl said...

Winter is pretty, isn't it? I mostly love it. Perfect weather for socks and scones!

Snazzystitch said...

What lovely pictures! I love winter and I wish I lived in a region where we actually got snow.


Caroline said...

I went to college in Nebraska, and I remember how beautiful the snow could be....but then there was that whole melting during the day=turning into ice at night thing. I don't miss that part.

Love the pattern and colors in the baby blanket.

Chris said...

And now we bundle up for the deep freeze! Brrrr!

Katie M. said...

Lovely! Every snowy day is made better with scones and knitting.

Kara said...

The snow, scones, and blanket are lovely!

Andi said...

Gorgeous blanket you have going on there! Love you rcolors choices. I am seriously drooling over those scones. :)

marycatharine said...

I love the new blanket! Winter walks are great, it's just hard to get out the door, I need to push myself.

Carrie#K said...

I love the winter hues of your pictures! That color really does pop.

Mmmm. Scones.

Cute baby blanket!

Sharon said...

Lovely. My DIL has adopted baby blankets to knit as her gift of choice. She never stops knitting - for one deadline my son swore she was knitting in her sleep.