Thursday, February 19, 2009

new additions

To the stash:
Beaverslide McTaggart's Tweed in "Wild Myrtle" (the old 2-ply, 210-yd put up), destined for the Drop Collar Cabled Jacket from the fall/winter issue of the Debbie Bliss Magazine:
There are some really cute ones out there, and it seems very wearable, especially up here in the North.

To the library:
Sweet and Natural: More than 120 Sugar-Free and Dairy-Free Desserts, Weekend Sewing, and The Gentle Art of Domesticity. I'll keep you posted how they are. Weekend Sewing is hot off the press, and I love Heather Ross's fabrics.

To the fleet:
Yeah, Paul and I have shared one car since we moved to Chicago. We made it work a long time (environmentally friendly! financially responsible!), but my carpool buddy is moving out of state this spring, so it's Jeep time for me! She's already bedecked with the snow and ice that's inevitable up here. 4WD and heated seats are going to make it a very nice winter ride.

To the study:
Over the past year we've been slowly transforming our study. It started off as a rather ramshackle space, but now it's comfy and welcoming. The area's a bit small, but I really wanted a reading chair. Now my dream chair would be a Morris chair, but I have Stickley taste on an IKEA budget. We found this on deep discount at World Market, and the wood legs and arms help cut down on the cat scratching. The wool rug, another bargain (clearance + coupon at Target's home design event last month), is the most recent addition.

This bookcase, passed down from friends who turned their home office into a nursery, now holds all my craft books and magazines.
The desk matches the bookcase, and I found the chair at World Market (once again on sale). I love the high hutch on the desk, as it divides the room into half and clevely conceals the litterbox / storage area).
Overall I'm very pleased. Despite a limited budget, we managed to transform a shabby eyesore into a cozy place to read, work, and knit.

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