Thursday, January 17, 2008

last one on the bandwagon

Project Details
Pattern: Fetching
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, 1 skein
Needles: Clover US4 bamboo DPNs

Marvelously fun to knit! I'll be making many more of these. This pair is destined for the cold hands of a fellow graduate student. Hopefully they'll bring a little cheer to the chilly library.

I picked up the yarn at a new-to-me yarn store in Milwaukee, Loop. It's a really cute shop; the staff was friendly and helpful, but not pushy. Dream in Color Classy was in great abundance there, as well as plenty of Debbie Bliss (which is hard to find in Chicago), Frog Tree, Malabrigo, and other lovelies. I'll definitely be back, especially since it's close to my husband's favorite Milwaukee record shop, Atomic Records, as well as a nice coffee shop. This area of Milwaukee is undergoing a great revitalization.
Unique Sheep Superwool, "Spruce Sprigs"
Woolgirl Sock Club ~ December

As I neared the half-way point on a little garter stitch baby cardigan, a horrible sinking sensation in my stomach developed. Yes, indeed, I was going to run out of yarn. Not only would I run out of yarn, I would run out of the December shipment of Woolgirl's sock club exclusive yarn. I emailed Jen at Woolgirl; not only did she dig up the very last skein of sportweight Unique Sheep Superwool in "Spruce Sprig," she also gave it to me for FREE, even shipping it priority. Talk about fabulous customer service... Thanks again, Jen!! :-) Knitters really are the nicest people.

I finished Owl Hat numero dos at knitting night, popped it on my head, discovered it was too big, and handed it off to a fellow (larger-headed) knitting friend. So no photo yet; I'll knit another one, modified for my medium-sized noggin.

Apparently this is hat season. I'm working on Le Slouch in Debbie Bliss Luxury Tweed Aran:
Pattern choice was inspired by Melissa at Owl & Acorn; yarn choice was inspired by Sarah at Blue Garter. Let's hope this fits, as it would look lovely with the charcoal grey wool coat that I ordered yesterday and am now anxiously awaiting. The yarn is lovely to knit; usually tweeds are rough and scratchy and wear out my hands and wrists. A good amount of angora really softens up this yarn, and the color is amazing. It seems to attract even more cat hair than usual, though.

Have you seen Alice Bell's new (free) pattern, the Brompton cardigan? It's cute as can be; I predict that it may be the Drops Swing Jacket of late winter/early spring 2008.

Note to self
New Year's Resolution: Don't wear clogs in the house, especially while working in the kitchen. Poor Capricha loves to be underfoot, and she doesn't deserve to be stepped on by big clunky Danskos.

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