Friday, September 14, 2007

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool was a lot of fun. It's not a huge festival, but there were some gorgeous sheep and marvelous vendors there. Connecting with sheep farmers, meeting the little woolie guys who provide me with yarn, petting a soft angora rabbit -- much better than Stitches Midwest. The highlights:

~ Shetland sheep - so little and fluffy!!!
~ angora rabbits - I can't believe I made it home without one
~ Briar Rose Fibers - so many beautiful, saturated colors

I'm doing a little test knitting for Sarah (AKA The Plucky Knitter), so I'll be posting FO pics of Saartje's booties knit up in a super-soft merino fingering weight very, very soon. It feels like fingering-weight Malabrigo.

Paul and I are heading back to Wisconsin for Saturday's Brewers game. This time I'm rooting for the Bratwurst! Hopefully we'll hit an apple orchard on the way home. I'm jonesing for some homemade applesauce.
Check out the fabulous horns on this guy!

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